Pine Court residents Leap into Live Music!
Pine Court Housing Association residents were treated to a live performance by members of the Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra as part of the Leap into Live Music! programme.
Leap Into Live Music! is designed to give people who have never attended a live music event the chance to do so at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall, without worrying about the cost of tickets, refreshments and programmes.
Source: Liverpoolecho Website

Live music booking now
There has been radio silence from artsy electropop performer Patrick Wolf since his 2012 album Sundark And Riverlight, but the man who managed to smuggle eyeshadow and sequins over the borders of indie-crazy mid-00s Camden is returning for a tour – although it’s unclear as yet whether any new material will be accompanying him (9-15 May, tour starts Lantern, Bristol) …
Minneapolis band Poliça have just returned with their excellent third album, shelving moody electronica for something altogether more grown up, upbeat and, impressively, generically intangible.
Source: Theguardian Website

This week’s new live music
Electronic pop went through a growth spurt around 2012. Once the sound of lightweight 1980s hits, through artists such as Julia Holter, Active Child and Grimes, it kept its melodies but took on a David Lynchian atmosphere, ultimately becoming a kind of suburban psychedelia. Claire Boucher, the Canadian artist who records as Grimes, embraced the possibilities of the genre completely, but has recently ditched the vaporous synths and wafting vocals. Her latest album, Art Angels, is a more explicitly commercial proposition: still frosty and interesting, but a very much in-your-face style of pop.
Source: Theguardian Website

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